Another Now

Our imagination is in a wild dance with reality
Feral thoughts collide and
populate new territories of the brain
Iodine stains creep across the
stretch of a prostrated mind
Darker tinges leak into one another
Pollute innocence
Create dissonance

I divert the sinister advance with movement
In my body
One foot forward and twist and shake
Rhythm and breath transfer to stillness
Shook silent

Seeking the quiet creases of
this pickled fist of panic
Where all that is good swirls
I pay attention there
Grasping hold of precious fluid
White matter dashes with light
and waits for the dark

Ascending to a higher place
Look outward
Feel this moment
Follow the fissures
to hope
which waits in
Another Now


Walking in the dark

Walking under street lamps
Light to his inner broil
Abscence of work is toil
No direction

He doubts each breath he takes
Shadows shrink and get bent
The dance of discontent
Passion nowhere

City fox strikes a path
In the past friendships led
For the people he bled
No plans for self

Too much on another
Owl, wolf, tree still mortal
Death a one-way portal
His own waiting

Crescent moon rests obscured
His faith on shifting ground
Still located around

Like the lamps and the moon
He must find his own light
An inner hunger bright
Yet still borrowed

Who generates passion?
What star shines on and on?
Love when the heat is gone
Live for each other


Moon in orbit

Staring at the full moon
The last of a decade
Grateful eyes on a steady truth

It is the night before the election

Under the patient pearl of the moon
I am pacing and shaking
I have all sorts in me
All kinds of gravity

Hoping for the conviction to hope
The bravery to hope for something
I hope I have it
What a privilege this vague sentiment is
I have not done enough for those
that consider hope a luxury or a necessity
Instead of a plaything

Holding everyone I have ever known
somehow in time and space
Every moment of eye contact
Every conversation
Every stumbled exchange
Under the milk of the moon
The sum of every person’s kindness
culminates and converges in unity
In moments of compassion and clarity

Scared that all this is just words
Next to cold practical considerations
of getting through life
Next to the bitter confusions of conflicting facts
And the anonymity of the non-gaze
of that puckered lunar rock in the endless sky  

So much pain and suffering in the world
Now is there more or is it less than before
Is that even the question

More people
More potential
More strain
We are a strain of something more

something larger

An effervescent  
heart in a body responding to the moon

something vital is trying to gain traction

The line is moving

Sat between grasping chaos and great potential
One side despair the other a brightening light
Indifference the broker for a careless evil
The line is thin
the line is brittle

the line is not straight
For one moment in time
A complex whole transmuted into a binary choice
The line is precious
the line is moving

To the magicians who desire a better world
Who create and toil
Who show up for it
Knock on the door for it
See dots
and connect them
Sweating to fuse them together
in the uncertainty of forging heat
Trusting in a larger frame
To all those who think beyond themselves
The line is precious
The line is moving


This heart

Grieving this world in slow motion
The ring pull of my heart pulled back
Contents at risk
of being emptied
Poured out in desperation

Open raw to the wind
This mythic organ swirls and tumbles
Dives between tipping points
Beating in squirming longing
On the axis of a unified vision