To The Echelons Of Power

To the echelons of power, wherever you are
It is not too late to turn, please
play a different role
Another world is waiting to manifest

Wont you pacify the grotesque hubris which has you
funding private escape pods
destined for far off planets
What do you have to offer the mystery of space?
Except a profound disconnection with your origin and kin
The unfolding caverns of majesty require an imagination
one that goes beyond your sterile lunges for survival
You vampires of the common wealth
Do not build bunkers out of fear and petrol
Give to regeneration
Stop casting the most vulnerable as fodder
May the word collateral choke in your throats

What remains still extends grace towards you
Still the trees suffocated by indifference give oxygen
and the blessing of a raindrop on your skin is a whisper
Do not only hear a warning of scarcity and acid
In that whisper hear hope too
and turn
Join in and work for regeneration  


Natural Shift

A heart of longing
Body straining for its centre
In an airport sat separate
Willing my natural self to birth
from concrete
From synthetic light and tin music
The thunder of suitcases rolls on
I focus on the tingle of breath on my lip
and the feel of a thumb stroking forefinger.

These lungs, these many lungs like a forest
Humans huddled together in their inner worlds
Each life a cocktail of stories half told
and emerging
Where is natures place in this story now
We are it
We belong in a family of beings and life
That no longer finds room or breath

Solo knots tied intricately, as a net
That still shimmers in the right light

I remember meeting those three trees
Natures ministry to me
A homecoming
That seat by the river when my edges disappeared
When life infused me and cartwheeled in and out and
around my center, until
I was no longer the centre
In a constant orbit dance with everything else
The steep trees, dip green moss, bright boulders and ringing stream
All dancing
Particle to particle and eye to eye


Victims of Power

By Tom Burgess and Oliver Bancroft 


Norwegian Voices


A writing collaboration and adventure by Harry Swordy and Tom Burgess